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I taught myself HTML in my early teens, having picked up a folder that belonged to my dad. I was fascinated, and found something I really loved. Aged 19, I took that love and turned it into a part time income, building and selling “mini-sites” as a way of earning money whilst studying at University. I built a variety of successful sites which I sold and also helped multiple businesses get online and grow.

Struggling for an opportunity after achieving a BSc in Marketing and Management I applied to work at British Gas handling telephone enquiries. The training in the art of customer care was second to none. Combined with my previous experience working as a nightclub doorman I felt I was able to deliver a customer experience to be proud of. During my time on the telephones I was presented with a certificate for achieving the lowest repeat calls in the entire building. I use this training today in my role as Marketing Director for CSJ ( and apply it to our policies and procedures for providing excellent customer care.

Whilst at British Gas I was seconded to work as a Telephony Testing Analyst on a new call routing system which took me to London on a weekly basis. I learned a tremendous amount about management structures and decision making which contributed to my further education in the corporate world.

In 2009 I started my own company, Ethan Hardy Ltd, which I used as the holding company for my website investments. I procured some fantastic domain names and built successful sites that were repeatedly sold to individuals, businesses and corporations. In 2012 the majority of it’s portfolio was sold in a buy out.

Thereafter, whilst working as part of the Senior Management Team at CSJ I developed a taxi booking application that worked on a tablet and signed up over fifty establishments in Edinburgh to host it. This facility and technology was sold to one of Edinburgh’s largest taxi operators.

In 2015 I was appointed Marketing Director for CSJ and enjoy a greater role in a fast paced environment with ongoing success. Not only do I manage the company’s marketing strategies but I am part of a forward thinking board that looks to excel the business in every way possible. I am involved with many aspects of the day to day running of the company including recruitment, cost reduction, product sourcing and change management. I truly enjoy the variation within the role.

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