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Two Years in Taxi Marketing

May 2, 2012, by Khalid, category Business, My Life, News, Projects, Transactions

For around two years I’ve been marketing numerous taxi websites and generating revenue by charging a fee per call to a local taxi company. My main operation was in Edinburgh, with others in Aberdeen (partnering with Mark Boyd before buying him out) and Glasgow. I also owned a number of other generic names that were being held for development.

Once I had managed to push the sites into prominent positions online I felt I had to expand my marketing efforts further afield – particularly offline – for numerous reasons; I wanted more business and to not solely rely on SEO to build a brand. During this time I’ve been holding down my full time post whilst supporting my partner Christy as a student. It was fun and exciting to have a venture that was generating a respectable income and something that, to my knowledge, had never been done before (this particular revenue model in the transport industry).

I was not planning to sell the operation for a few years, but due to some unforeseen circumstances I decided it was time to purchase a house and have long term security. I’ve always been happy to rent as it is easy and means if I ever hit the jackpot I could quickly fly out the country haha!

I vaguely outlined (to avoid tyre kickers and idea thieves) the operation on a number of forums and John Lamerton, whom I’ve had dealings with before, is now the new owner. Under the new terms I still retain a small shareholding in the operation to assist in the smooth running of it and future developments, which I’m only happy to do. I think the operation has a positive future and no doubt in time John and his team will continue to build on the success. At this stage I feel it is only respectful to John not to detail specifics as I wish to protect his investment but we’re both happy with the arrangement.

The revenue model I promoted is now being used in other markets by friends and colleagues, and some taxi companies have even began offering it to hotels and guest houses as a way of securing new business. I’m proud of what I achieved and I’m already working on another exciting project.

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